Chia pudding with fruit and granola.

Can you believe that I’ve been a vegan for over a year now and I had never eaten chia pudding before? I tried to make it once but it completely failed. Last week I went to have breakfast with a friend, ordered chia pudding with fruit and absolutely loved it! That’s why I immediately decided to give it another try to make it myself, and luckily this time it worked out.

Chia pudding is a real hype among vegans, and now I completely understand why. It’s a great breakfast, it’s super easy to make, and it fills your body with a lot of good stuff (especially Omega-3). You can variate with different toppings and flavours (for example you can add some cocoa powder or vanilla extract) and you can easily take it on the go. Only benefits if you ask me! But chia has been challenging me…

The first time I tried to make chia pudding it completely failed. I used oat milk, and the next morning all the seeds where on the bottom of the jar, the milk on top, and nothing had become some sort of pudding. This time I used coconut drink, and that worked out better. I also made sure to stir well so the seeds spread through the milk and didn’t stay at the bottom of the jar. Nevertheless, the next morning my pudding was still rather liquid. So I decided to add more chia seeds and leave it in the fridge for another couple hours. Eventually I had my pudding, and it was good!

I’ve checked out quite a few standard recipes online already, and while most of them suggest to add 3 spoons of seeds to 250ml milk, this didn’t seem to work out for me. I only got a decent pudding when using 6 spoons of chia on the same amount of milk. I don’t know how people do it with only 3 spoons, maybe they use some kind of super power chia 😉 So I suggest you experiment a bit, or just follow my directions to be sure.

Are you tired of having the same thing for breakfast every day again? Searching for a healthy and easy breakfast which you can easily take with you everywhere you go? Then this chia pudding will be the perfect match for you! It only takes a couple minutes to prepare this before you go to bed, and the next morning you have your breakfast ready for you! Enjoy!


  • What do you need? (1 jar)
    – 6 tablespoons chia seeds
    – 250ml plant based milk
    – Agave / maple syrup
    – Mango and raspberries (or other fruit to your choice)
    – Granola
    – Fresh mint leaves


  • How do you make it?
    Take a glass or jar and add the chia seeds to it. Add the plant based milk and stir well so the seeds don’t stick to the bottom anymore. Add some sweetener (like agave or maple syrup) and stir through again.Put on the lid and put it in the fridge for at least three hours (I prefer to leave it in the fridge for a whole night). Add some fresh fruit and granola, and finish off with some fresh mint leaves and maple syrup.

    (If you want to fill a big jar like I did, you use 350ml milk and 8 spoons of chia seeds.)

    Easy, fulfilling and super delicious! Which toppings do you prefer on you chia pudding? Let me know in the comments below!
    As you might have noticed, I’m also changing the style of my pictures. I was getting tired of the dark background and didn’t like it anymore. From now on I’ll be using lighter backgrounds, and I’m totally loving it! You can also still follow me on Instagram (@onceyougovegan) and Facebook (Once You Go Vegan) to see more of what I eat in a day!

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