Hotspot: Récollets.

It’s getting colder outside and darkness drops pretty quickly. Perfect weather for warm, cosy hotspots with heartwarming food. Do you like some nostalgia while enjoying plant based goods? Then this hotspot might be the perfect thing for you!

Last weekend I went on another shopping spree in Antwerp with my mum and we ended up in this cosy place called “Récollets”. It felt like entering the world of plant based food in the 70’s! The lovely cafe’s been decorated with several elements from back in the days, which instantly gives you the feeling of being spoiled by your grandparents. Surprisingly enough, it’s two young people who run this business. And it must be said: they do it in style.

Récollets opened its doors at the beginning of September. Everything on the menu is entirely plant based and inspired by classic flemish food. They serve “koffiekoeken” (sweet pastries), pancakes, French toast, sandwiches, pie, and so on. Because we already had lunch, we decided to each order a sweet pastry. I also had a hot chocolate which came with a nice little shortbread cookie.

There’s a bakery in Ghent where I always buy vegan pastries, but I had never found one typical pastry yet: a “horn” filled with vanilla pudding. I was so happy to see they served this kind at Recollets, and I was lucky there was still one left, so I didn’t doubt and chose that one. It was filled with cream rather than pudding, but it was super delicious!

After that I wanted to try out their pancakes. I got two on a plate, served with sugar and strawberry jam on the side. I enjoyed these to the fullest. They were so light, with a lovely taste, and I swear that if people didn’t know these were plant based they wouldn’t be able to tell. These were honestly the best vegan pancakes I’ve eaten already, so of course I couldn’t resist asking for the recipe 😉


Récollets also organises dinner nights from time to time. I’m definitely planning to try one of those out as well. There aren’t much places in Antwerp where you can have vegan dinner, so I think they’ve got a really good concept going on with that.

If you’d like to enjoy some simple and delicious plant based goods in a nostalgic environment, then Récollets definitely is the place to be. You can find them at “Minderbroedersrui 7”. For more information, check out there website over here.

Normally I’m not that into old furniture and decorations, but at this place I really enjoyed it. It brings back great memories, especially when you go there with your parents. My mum instantly recognized that the tableware was exactly the same as her grandparents used to have. And apparently they hear that a lot 🙂

So if you’re planning to go to Antwerp, then certainly pay a visit to this lovely place. Enjoy!

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