Hotspot: Bites & Wines.

I fell in love with Ghent from the first moment I set foot on its ground when I moved there for my studies. It’s a wonderful city with its own character, and vegan places are really going strong there. But once in a while, I like to spend some time in Antwerp with my mum as well. Luckily, vegan places are also starting to become a thing in Antwerp, and it’s one of those that I’m gonna share with you guys today.

A while ago I went on a shopping spree in Antwerp with my mum. The weather was rather gloomy and once it started raining we decided to search for some warmth in a cosy plant based place called “Bites&Wines”. Bites&Wines used to be a vegan restaurant that had a good thing going. A little while ago the owner decided to change the concept to be able to make more time for her little son. And that’s how Bites&Wines went from dining and drinking fine wines to lunch and sweet treats! And who happens to be fond of sweet treats? Me!

The place happened to be almost deserted when we arrived, as a lot of people were seeking shelter from the rain in clothing stores. The first thing I adored inside were the cosy lamps on the tables. I instantly felt at home. My mum and I decided to both take a piece of pie and some tea. Apart from plant based, Bites&Wines also offers some gluten free pies. We both went for the cherry pie and some homemade ginger tea… My vegan heart warmed up in just a second πŸ™‚

I must admit that I sometimes think vegan sweet treats can be very heavy and way overpriced. In this case, it was the total opposite. The pie was light, had a perfect balance of sweet and sour and the tea-and-pie deal costed less than 6 euros.

Because it was still raining outside, we decided to try out another pie (because you only live once right? πŸ˜‰ ). This time we picked the last piece of double chocolate pie to share. This one was a bit heavier than the cherry pie, but still very delicious. I actually wish we would’ve tried the other pies out as well, because they all looked very nice. Apart from pie, Bites&Wines also serves vegan quiche and soup. Next time I definitely want to try those out as well!

What I loved most about Bites&Wines is the fact that they serve very basic, “normal” pies in a guilt-free way. I think that if people wouldn’t know they were eating plant based here, they wouldn’t even notice. I like to be able to eat a very basic pie from time to time, because I sometimes think that some vegan creations are just taken to a way too high level and then I enjoy them less. Bites&Wines is a place that everyone can enjoy. If you’re wondering, they also still sell a couple of vegan wines.

“How wonderful it is to enjoy food that doesn’t harm you nor any other living being.” With that slogan taken from their website, what’s more to say than that next time you’re in Antwerp, you should definitely go check this place out yourself! You can find Bites&Wines at ‘Oude Beurs 60, Antwerp’. The owner will definitely welcome you with a smile and treat you well with her delicious baked goods! (more info on their website:

So as you might have noticed, after Ghent and Amsterdam, another city has earned a place on my Hotspots list. If you have any recommendations for me in any of these three cities or another, feel free to let me know so I can go check them out! And if you’re planning to pay a visit to Bites&Wines: Enjoy!

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