Udon miso soup.

It’s not a secret anymore that I’m a total soup addict. I can literally eat soup every time of day, hot or cold, winter or summer, good mood or bad mood 😉 You can make tons of variations when it comes to soup, and of course there’s nothing more easy to make. That’s why on here I like to share some soup recipes that are little more “special”. If you don’t remember the previous two soup recipes I’ve shared already, you can check them out of here and here.

For this third soup recipe, I decided to go with something more Asian style. Whenever we go out to eat sushi (fish-less of course 😉 ), I always order a miso soup or an udon soup.  (Watch out because sometimes they make miso soup with meat-stock!) Those two are actually very simple kinds of soup (for the Japanese it’s just regular soup), yet for some reason it always feels a little more special.  When I decided to make some miso soup myself, I thought; why not add some udon noodles to the miso soup? It really  makes the perfect combination 🙂

Miso is a fermented soy bean paste. Udon are regular Japanese noodles which don’t contain any eggs. I ordered my udon noodles and miso paste online, but you can also find them in local Asians stores. If you like online shopping as much as I do, then AsianFoodLovers is a very practical webshop on which you can order all the stuff you need (and you can find different webshops from them according to in which country you live). It’s very nice to see that there are quite a lot of vegan products being used in the Asian kitchen.


Just like in the recipe for the dinner soup I shared a while ago, I used a regular soup vegetable mix for this miso soup as well. But of course you can also pick some vegetables you like and make your own mix. Typical vegetables for miso soup are: cabbage, beans, mushrooms, spring onions, dried seaweed, etc. …  And of course you can also throw in some tofu if you like.

Making miso soup is very easy, you can make some variations on it yourself and it’s a nice thing to serve if you’re a bit bored of your regular soup variations. So what do you think? Let’s get in the kitchen and make some Japanese lovin’ 😉

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  • What do you need? (1 big casserole)
    – About 300g mixed vegetables
    – 1 cup miso paste
    – Vegetable stock (1 cube or 3 spoons)
    – 1,5l water
    – 150g udon noodles
    – Salt & pepper


  • How do you make it?
    Prepare the udon noodles following the instructions on the package. Bring the water to a boil in a casserole and add the vegetables ones it’s ready. Add the vegetable stock  and cook the vegetables for about fifteen minutes. Spoon out some liquid and add to the miso paste. Whisk until it has dissolved. Add the liquid miso to the casserole and stir through. Add the udon noodles and let simmer for a couple more minutes. Season to taste with salt and pepper. If you think your soup hasn’t got enough taste yet, you can either add some more miso or some soy sauce. You can also serve the soup with some soy sauce on the side so that people can add some to their own taste. As simple as that! Enjoy!To make it more “real”, you can put some chopsticks next to the spoon, so people can (try to) eat the noodles with the sticks. I did that myself and almost felt like a real Japanese girl 😉 Of course you’ll still need a spoon for the rest of the soup, or you can just drink it straight from the bowl 🙂


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