Greek rice with tofu feta.

Two more recipes to go on our homemade-vegan-cheese menu! Today is a special day, because I’m sharing with you guys one of my favorite recipes of my entire life. I’ve cooked this dish so many times in the months that I was a vegetarian. Once again, it’s based on an amazing recipe from the Dutch foodblog Lekker&Simpel (“Tasty&Easy”). I turned it into a vegetarian dish, it became my boyfriend’s favorite meal, and now I’ve finally entirely veganized it. This is such an easy and fast meal, and I’m pretty sure it will conquer your hearts as well!

Time for some confessions; I used to put loads and loads of feta cheese on this rice dish. I was a real feta addict while being a vegetarian, and in my opinion this dish just begged for more and more of that cheese every single time. Do I feel good about that now? Not really, but those times are behind me and the past few months I just easily left the feta cheese behind. But still, every time I cooked this dish, it felt like something was missing. I kept on postponing putting this recipe on my blog, because I had a strong feeling that it was not complete. I still have no idea why it took me that long, but eventually I started searching for some vegan feta recipes… And the magic in my plate happened again šŸ˜‰

This recipe is so easy, it just speaks for itself. Still there are a couple notes I have to make; you can either choose to cook the rice like you normally do, in a separate pot, and then mix it with the sauce, or you can make it a one-pot dish and cook the rice in the sauce (a bit like risotto). I’ve tried both ways already and they both work out pretty fine. Also, as you might know by now, I’m using the homemade tofu feta in this dish, which recipe you can still check out over here. Then there’s only one thing left to say: let’s get in the kitchen and explore the goodness of Greek cooking!


  • What do you need (2 people)
    – 150 to 200g white rice
    – 300ml tomato passata (plain tomato sauce)
    – 250ml vegan bouillon
    – 1 onion / 2 shallots
    – 1/2 leek
    – 2 paprikas (yellow and red)
    – Paprika powder
    – Garlic powder
    – Salt & pepper
    – Tofu feta


  • How do you make it?
    If you want to prepare the rice separately: bring some water to a boil and cook the rice following the instructions on the package. Chop the onion / shallots and the leek into pieces and the paprikas into cubes. Heat some olive oil in a pot and bake the onions with the leek for a little bit. Add the paprikas and bake together for about three minutes. Add the tomato passata and the bouillon and stir through.
    Add the rice and let it simmer for about twenty minutes. If you’ve prepared the rice separately, then you only have to let the sauce simmer for about five minutes and then add the rice and stir it all through (which you can see in the picture).
    Add all the herbs and stir through again. Serve with some of the tofu feta cubes on top. Sit back and enjoy this simple yet lovely dish!

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