Stuffed pasta shells with ricotta and pesto.

Earlier this week I shared some information and recipes with you guys on how to make your own ricotta, feta and mozzarella cheese. I’ve received some very sweet reactions on social media, which I’m very thankful for! If you missed out on my last post, you can check it out over here. Now, as promised, I’ll be sharing a couple of recipes with you guys, over the following days and weeks, in which you can use those delicious cheeses! And today we’re kicking of with one of my favorite recipes of all times: stuffed pasta shells!

I’ve mentioned in another post already that, during my time as a vegetarian, I got a lot of cooking inspiration from the Dutch foodblog “Lekker en Simpel(“Tasty and Easy”). This recipe is based on their recipe for stuffed pasta shells, only I turned it into a vegan version 🙂 I’ve made this dish a couple times before going vegan, and it really was a winner. I’ve been thinking a lot about it, ever since my first month as a vegan, trying to figure out a nice alternative for the ricotta. Then, only after six months, I realized how easy it is to make your own ricotta (still don’t know why it took me that long to just search for a recipe 😉 ) and this dish was instantly put on the menu again! And I must say… It tasted as good as always! 🙂

To be able to make this dish, there are a couple things you need. First of all, you need to make the ricotta from my last post. Second of all, you need a nice vegan pesto, which you can either buy in a store (booorriiinngg!), or you can make it yourself following my easy and delicious recipe for homemade pesto which you can check out over here! That post is currently the most popular recipe on my blog, so I’m sure it’ll be worth it 😉

Then last of all, you need pasta shells (of course). In the past you could only find those in Italian stores, but last year my local supermarket started selling them too, so I think by now you’ll be able to come across them more easily. If you’re not sure what to look for, check out the picture below. If you really can’t find them in your local supermarket, you can still use cannelloni or lasagna sheets instead.


I must admit that, whenever I make this, I always think I make too much, then in the end we end up eating it all anyway. Last time I made five stuffed shells each, and we actually could have eaten some more. I suggest you just start with five each and find out yourself if that’s enough for you or not. I just think they’re so delicious, I could easily eat all ten on my own 😉

Actually, once you’ve got all the ingredients you need, this dish is very easy to make. It’s simple, yet a bit classy, and most of all super delicious! I hope you like it as much as I do 🙂 Let’s get in the kitchen… Enjoy!


  • What do you need? (10 stuffed shells / 2 people)
    – 10 pasta shells
    – 1 can tomato cubes
    – 1 onion
    – 1 red paprika
    – Vegan ricotta (I think I used about half a jar)
    – Vegan pesto (to your own taste)
    – Olive oil
    – Italian herbs (about 1 tablespoon)
    – Salt & pepper
    – Optional: some vegan grated cheese


  • How do you make it?
    Prepare the pasta shells following the instructions on the package. (In my case they had to boil for about 18 minutes.) Drain the shells when they’re ready and let them cool down for a little while. Preheat the oven at 200 degrees (Celsius). Chop the onion and the paprika, heat some olive oil in a pan and bake the onion with the paprika for a couple minutes. Add the tomato cubes, the Italian herbs and salt and pepper to your own taste. Let simmer for about five minutes. Drizzle some olive oil in an oven dish, put the shells in it and stuff them with the tomato sauce. Pour the rest of the tomato sauce over the shells, if you still have some left. Put some ricotta and pesto on top of each shell. If you like, you can finish off with some grated cheese.
    Put the shells in the oven for about 20 minutes. If they’re in too long, the pasta can turn out a little dry. If you’ve poured the rest of the tomato sauce over them, you won’t have this problem.Serve with some fresh basil if you like. And ready they are!

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