Hotspot: V-Box (kickass streetfood).

I’m currently on cloud nine, because I just got to discover one of the best new vegan places in Ghent ever! V-Box has opened its doors about only two weeks ago, and it sure is a great gain to the vegan life here in Ghent! Honestly, if I wouldn’t have known that this was a new place, I woudn’t have noticed… It’s like they have been doing their thing since forever an a day. And I must admit, I already cannot imagine anymore what life was like before having tasted and stuffed myself with their amazing – certainly kickass- food 😉

V-Box is almost literally a box; just this small, cosy place in the middle of Dok Noord (shopping center) that has only three tables waiting for people to eat their food inside. This because, as they serve streetfood, you can also easily take out. I love the fact that this place is so small, because you can sit down relaxed and in silence, and enjoy your food without too much people surrounding you. You get welcomed with a smile and you immediately feel at home. I instantly knew it was going to be great.

I had a hard time choosing as there are so many delicious things on their menu. Eventually we both chose a bagel to start with. Mine was the “Nasty BBQ Bagel”, with marinated tofu, roasted sweet potato, lettuce, spring onions and homemade BBQ veganaise. One word? MINDBLOWING. I was pretty sad when I finished it 😉
My boyfriend took the “Leave The Chicken Alone Bagel” (awesome name, don’t you think?) which was one with “eggsalad”, lettuce and spring onions. This one was also very nice! His exact words? “I could eat another three of those.” 😉


Of course we couldn’t go home without having tried out more than one thing from the menu 😉 What attracted us to this spot in the first place, were their awesome looking freakshakes. They sell three variations and you can choose your topping yourself. It was like their choice of freakshakes was made especially for us, as they serve one with raspberry and one with banana and caramel (exactly mine and my boyfriend’s favourites). So I chose the “Finger Licking Explosion”, with ricemilk, blueberries, vanilla icecream, raspberry syrup, whipped cream, fruity sprinkles and – of course- a big donut on top! The other one we had was the “Banana Caramel Galaxy”, with rice-hazelnut milk, banana, vanilla icecream, caramel sauce, bresilienne  nuts and a donut on top as well. I found myself on another planet for a while… Planet “vegan heaven”, I wish I could’ve stayed there 😉
One of my guilty pleasure before I went vegan were these delicious waffles you find in every trainstation and city centre here in Belgium. I had never found these in vegan version yet… So when I saw that they served these as well, I just had to try one out! This really completed the whole package of awesomeness 🙂

I think it’s clear that this new vegan hotspot kind of stole our hearts… We’ll certainly be going back very soon, because we definitely have to try out the rest of the menu 😉 For example they also serve wraps, savoury waffle sandwiches, curry’s and other delicious stuff. I think they have something great for everyone. It’s a perfect place for every guilty-pleasure-liking vegan and for literally everyone who wants to discover the wonderful world of vegan KICKASS food!

So, are you getting hungry and craving some of this stuff already? You can find this cute place at Dok Noord 7 in Ghent. Still doubting to travel all the way? Check out their website, Facebook and Instagram for more pictures that will erase your doubts in a minute 🙂

I’m so happy to see that more and more great and orginal places are finding their way into the city. It shows that veganism really is starting to grow and that makes me so happy. V-Box has definitely entered my top 3 op favourite places in Ghent! I’m very curious to see how much they will evolve and grow in the following weeks, months and years. I’m already looking forward to go back real soon 😉

Feel free to let me know if you’ve visited this place as well and what you thought about it 🙂 Other places that we should definitely check out? You can leave me your top 3 in the comments below.


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