Big couscous stew (with six vegetables).

Hmmmm, it’s time to share one of my all-time favorites again! As I’ve told before, I got a lot of cooking inspiration from the Dutch foodblog Lekker&Simpel (“Tasty&Easy”) when I moved to Ghent to start my university studies. Even before I became a vegetarian, their recipe for a vegetarian couscous dish was already one of my favorites! Once I got together with my boyfriend, it immediately became one of his favorites as well. Going vegan, I realized that this dish was actually already vegan as well, so I didn’t have to change a thing to veganize it 🙂

Couscous is such a nice product to work with. You can make so many delicious things with it, but yet I always return to this delicious “stew”. I didn’t change much compared to the original recipe. I only added an extra vegetable: my beloved eggplant. All this together makes it a very big and good couscous dish stuffed with six delicious vegetables! What more do you need?

What I also like about this stew is that it’s quickly made, easy to put in the freezer for days you don’t have much time, also perfect for when you have to cook for a lot of people, suitable for lunch and dinner, and perfect for every season all year through. You should’ve noticed by now that I’m really really really fond of this dish 😉 So all that’s left to say for me is: try it out and find out what I’m talking about yourself!

I’ve made this dish for a lot of people already, including family and friends that aren’t vegan or vegetarian at all. I even made this for the biggest meat-eater among my friends that I know, and even she liked it! (She even told me I was the first one to serve her a meal without meat that she actually really enjoyed… Talking about achievements: check!) I can assure you that you can always turn happy smiles on people’s faces when you put this on the table! Also don’t be scared to make way too much, as the leftovers are easy to take to work or school for lunch. Even not warmed up this dish is still a winner!

Oh, one more thing; I’m growing some herbs in my small kitchen and this week I used my “home-grown” cress for first time to finish of this dish for the picture! I know it’s silly, but as nothing wanted to grow around our small apartment before, I’m quite proud that something finally worked out 😉

Well, now that is all said and done, let’s get in the kitchen and make some great couscous! Enjoy!

  • What do you need? (For 2 people)
    – 1 onion
    – 1 zucchini
    – 1 eggplant
    – 1 red or yellow paprika
    – 10 mushrooms
    – 1 can of tomato cubes
    – 200g couscous
    – Olive oil
    – Garlic powder
    – Paprika powder
    – Salt & pepper


  • How do you make it?
    Chop all the vegetables into pieces, cubes, quarters, etc. Heat some olive oil in a big casserole and bake the onions for about a minute. Add the zucchini cubes, paprika and some garlic powder and bake with the onions for about two minutes. Add the eggplant cubes and mushrooms and bake with the other vegetables for about three minutes. Add some more olive oil if necessary. Season with some salt and pepper, then add the tomato cubes and make sure the vegetables are “under water” (add some water if there is not enough juice with the tomatoes). Let the vegetables stew for a couple more minutes. Prepare the couscous following the instructions on the package. Add the couscous to the vegetables and stir it all through. Add some paprika powder and more salt and pepper to your taste.
    Serve in a bowl or deep plate and optionally finish off with some cress. I hope you enjoy this simple yet delicious dish as much as we always do! You can definitely variate with other vegetables in this dish, so certainly don’t hesitate to let me know which variations you made 🙂 You can tag me in your pictures on Instagram (@onceyougovegan). I’m also curious if your non-vegan family and friends enjoy it as much as mine did 😉 Let me know!

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  1. chefkreso says:

    Looks delicious!


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