La Riche Directions hair dye.

I thought it was time for a new topic on this blog: my vegan cosmetics. From time to time I’ll be giving you a peak in what I use daily in the bathroom, under the shower, on the go, etc. As I just dyed my blonde ombre pink again, I thought there was no better way to start than with telling you something about the semi-permanent hair dye I use.

When I was in my fifth year at secondary school, I started experimenting with dying my blonde ombre in funny colours. Last month I was looking back at pictures from my final year at that school, and I suddenly really missed those colours. I did some research about the products I used back then, and to my surprise I found out that the brand I had been using was actually cruelty free and vegan! I was even more excited when I discovered that I still had two brand new pots of those hidden in the bathroom cupboard. It was time to bring those crazy colours back!

La Riche Directions is a line of 36 semi-permanent hair colours. From a beautiful intense dark red shade called “Dark Tulip” to flashy “Apple Green” and a lot of different colours, tones and shades in between. You’ll certainly find something you like! All their colours are semi-permanent, which means that they will fade with every time you wash your hair. The thing I like most about this is that you can renew your look every single week or two if you want to. Directions has also developed a pre-colour shampoo to make your hair extra clean so that it can fully absorb all the colour, and an after-colour shampoo and conditioner to make the colour last longer. Apart from this, they also have two hair lightening kits (bleachers) and a tattoo aftercare line (Tatt Splatt).

La Riche was established in 1981 in the UK and that was also the year they brought the first Directions colours on the market. They have left the typical chemicals, like ammonia and peroxide, out since day one, which makes Directions a way better and safer product to colour your hair with (compared to other hair dyes).

I always mix the dye with some plain hair conditioner, so my hair takes the colour in ever better. I also apply the dye on dry hair instead of wet, which also seems to work out way better. I always use an ombre brush to apply the hair dye (I kept it from my ombre kit and it works so easy) but of course you can also easily do it with a special brush. The instructions suggest to leave it on for about 15 minutes, but when I do this it does not have the effect it should have. I have difficult hair when it comes to dying it; it takes way longer to take it in and it lets go of the colour way too fast. (I once coloured my hair with permanent hair dye, and after just a couple weeks it had gained its natural colour again already.) That’s why I leave it in for about 45 minutes, but of course this is different for everyone, so you should definitely start with the suggested time limit on the bottle!

So far I’ve only used two colours of the Directions line: Carnation Pink and Turquoise. A very nice thing about the Directions colours is that you can also easily mix them yourself to create new shades and styles. Last month I did this for the first time and created a very nice lavender-ish purple colour by just adding some of the turquoise to the pink dye. I really liked that colour! But as I still think pink suits me the best, I’m currently rocking that one again. I’ve added some pictures below so you can check out how the colours turned out on my hair.

Important to know is that, as I said before, I have a blonde ombre and that is the reason why the colours turn out really great. You will not be able to colour your hair with Directions if you have dark hair. These colours are all made to be applied on blonde or lightened hair, so you will always have to bleach your hair first (if you’re not naturally blonde). If you go to their website you can check out “real” pictures (on real hair) from all the colours so you can get a good idea of what they actually turn out like. For example, I don’t have recent pictures of what the Turquoise dye looked like on my hair, so if you want to know what it turns out like, you can check it out over there!

I still have to try out a lot of colours that I really like 😉 I’m still doubting about which one to buy next… Maybe I should give the Turquoise one another chance again first 😉 If you’re using Directions as well, sure feel free to share some awesome pictures of your hair with me! You can also use #directionshair on Instagram to get a chance to show off your crazy colours on their Instagram page.

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