Plant based cheese plate.

Hello again! I’m so thrilled to share this post with you guys! We had a delicious totally vegan cheese plate for dinner two days ago and it was so good! Yet again, I’m blown away by the superior quality and taste of some plant based cheese substitutes. Too crazy for words!

Funny fact: before I went vegan I wasn’t into cheese at all. The only types of cheese I ate were grated cheese, parmesan cheese, cream cheese, goat cheese, feta, mozzarella and walnut cheese. I was never into those typical kinds of cheese people eat on their sandwiches or special strong kinds of cheese you always find on cheese plates. That’s why I was so excited to try out vegan cheeses, to see if they could win me over to the cheese side.

Some of you might remember my post about Vedge, which I wrote about a couple weeks ago (check it out over here.) A while ago we placed our second order at Vedge and most of what we ordered were cheese substitutes, as we were already planning up to this cheese evening for a while. Along with the cheese, we also had two kinds of sausages, together with some dried fruit, grapes and nuts. Below you can check out the two sausages we tested and approved big time! The first one is a soft “lyoner” sausage from Vantastic Foods that you can compare a bit to the typical Dutch “liverwurst” which my dad always used to buy when I was younger (or you can also compare it to Bologna sausage apparently). I can tell you one thing: this vegan version is way tastier! The other one we tried out is the big chorizo sausage from Wheaty. You might remember that my boyfriend is extremely fond of this one, so he was very happy πŸ˜‰


Now, of course the focus was on the cheese, so below you can check out the four types of cheese we ordered and ate way too much from. I’ll start with our favorite, which I still can’t get over how good it was: the No-Muh walnut cheese from Vegusto. As I told you, walnut cheese was one of my favorite cheeses, and although this one was a bit dryer than the one I always used to eat, it really stole my heart. I admit, I couldn’t stop eating from it! Especially combined with some dried dates, figs or rasins… So good!

The second one is the very popular tomato and basil cheese from Wilmersburger. I had high expectations for this one, and I think that’s why I was a little bit disappointed. For my liking, the tomato and basil taste should’ve been a little more present. But I think that, if you liked cheese very much in your former non-vegan life, this one will really satisfy your tastebuds. I was told that this one’s also very nice when grilled or melted, so we tried that out yesterday, but that really didn’t turn out well for me. The texture got really “smudgy” and sticky, but maybe some of you really like that, so I suggest you just try it out πŸ™‚

The third, and very amazing, cheese we ordered was the Jeezo Bianco from Vegourmet. This one turned out to be a mozzarella-like cheese and that made me really happy (as I was kind of addicted to mozzarella). I enjoyed this one with some tomato and olive oil on top, but the most mind-blowing part happened when yesterday we made a grilled sandwich with this cheese… It melted exactly the way like “real” mozzarella melted and that literally put me on cloud nine! So to all (melted) mozzarella lovers: you must taste this sweetheart!

Last but not least, a familiar cheese was asked to make his appearance on our plate πŸ˜‰ The creamy herb cheese from Simply V stole our hearts last time, so we definitely wanted to order this one again. As we were so thrilled to taste all the new cheeses, this one got a bit overshadowed this time, but of course it was still super tasty and had an amazing creamy texture.

So, to conclude all this amazing cheesiness in one sentence: I’m simply blown away by these plant based cheeses and can’t wait to have another cheese plate very soon!

If you were a big cheese lover, or if you want to find out if you like vegan cheese better than the usual cheese, you must definitely organise a cheese evening for yourself and your friends or family one time. I even dare to say that, if they wouldn’t know in advance that they’re going to be served vegan cheeses, they’ll have a hard time to tell.

Which vegan cheeses do you prefer? Let me know in a comment below, I’m very excited to check it all out!

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