Valentine’s Sushi. 

I’ve been blogging for about a month and three weeks now, and I want to take this moment to thank everyone who has been reading so far! To celebrate your reads, I want to share with you my favorite recipe so far: Valentine’s sushi!

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, this year we celebrated Valentine’s Day two evenings in a row 😉 I mean, there can never be enough loving… and food, right? As a growing tradition on Valentine’s Day, I prepared homemade sushi. I think this was the third or fourth time I made sushi myself, and I must say, it looks better and better every single time. Once you get in the sushi-flow, it’s really not that hard 🙂

Normally we always make some with avocado and some with cucumber and marinated carrots. This time, I wanted to make something extra special, so I decided to go for mango and a fish-like kind aswell. I was very curious and a bit nervous, but it turned out extremely well! Especially the one that looks like tuna, but is actually tomato, was very delicious! I got my inspiration for that one from a vegan salmon video (where they put it on bagels) I saw on Facebook a while ago (I think it was from Bosh, but I’m not sure anymore.) What I keep in mind for next time? Make some more of those 😉

For those who wonder, of course you can make this sushi any time during the year. ‘Cause every day is sushi day! And every day is a good day to celebrate with your loved ones!


  • What do you need? (For 2 people)
    – 250g to 300g sushi rice
    – 4 to 5 nori leaves
    – Rice vinegar
    – Soy sauce
    – 1/4 avocado
    – 1/4 mango
    – 1/2 cucumber
    – 2 small carrots
    – 1 tomato
    – Ginger
    – Wasabi
  • How to make it?
    Preparations for the “tuna” sushi: boil the tomato until the peel comes loose. Take the tomato out of the water and let it cool down. Take the peel off, cut in half and take the inner juicy part out. Cut the tomato flesh in thin slices (see pictures at the end of this post). Mix some rice vinegar with soy sauce in a little bowl. Put the tomato flesh in this marinade and put it in the fridge for a while.  You can easily prepare this earlier during the day and let the tomato suck in the vinegar and soy sauce for a couple hours.Preparations for the other kinds: cut the carrots into long, thin pieces. Make the same marinade as above, put the carrots in it and put it in the fridge for a while aswell. (The carrots need longer to take the marinade fully in. If you don’t like the taste to be too explicit, just put it in the fridge for about an hour. If you prefer a  stronger taste, leave it for a couple hours aswell.) Cut the cucumber into long, thin pieces and try to do the same with the avocado (this is a little less practical due to its shape, but just take a look at the picture below.) Cut the mango into little cubes.

    While you do this, or after you’ve finished your preparations, cook the rice following the instructions on the package. (Some brands don’t suggest to add rice vinegar to the sushi rice once it’s cooked, I really like it better when I do so, but that’s more to your own taste. You can add as much vinegar as you want before letting the rice cool down.) When the rice has cooled down, you can start rolling!

    Making the sushi rolls: take a nori leaf, put it on a bamboo mat and spread a couple spoons of rice out on it, leaving one to two centimeters bare at the top. For the ones with avocado and the ones with cucumber and carrot: put your fillings in the middle of the rice. Now you can start rolling the nori leaf up, using the mat to roll it away from your body. Make sure to create a tight “wrap” so that the vegetables and rice won’t easily fall out. Put a couple drops of water on the top side of the leaf so that the roll will close nicely. Now you can start to cut the roll in pieces of about one to two centimeters thick. Don’t forget to wet your knife before every cut, so it will slide nicely through the nori leaf.Repeat this procedure for the tuna-like sushi and the mango kind, only here we don’t use a stuffing. Just make two smaller sushi rolls with only rice in it and put the tomato or mango on top of the sushi pieces.

    Finishing it off: place the sushi rolls on a plate and put some wasabi, ginger and soysauce in the middle or on the side. Grab your chopsticks and enjoy this heavenly gift from the Japanese! ^.^

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