Our first order at Vedge (Ghent).

A couple weeks ago we placed an order at Vedge for the first time. Vedge is a little home-based online vegan store that works with a very nice concept called “crowd shopping”. This is the deal: you order the products you like on their website before a certain deadline, then they contact their vendors and make sure they get all the products for you. In that way, they  offer you the lowest prices on the market and you don’t have to pay extra costs for delivery. We’re lucky enough that their pick-up point is just a ten minute walk away from where we live. It couldn’t be more easy!

Sadly enough, due to some sickness of the owner and a couple things that went wrong with confirmation emails and stuff, we had to wait around three weeks to finally get our order. I was a bit annoyed at first, but after meeting the very kind man behind this all and hearing that they’ll be making some changes soon to make sure it all goes a bit smoother in the future, I was very pleased at last. It’s very nice to be able to try out some products we’ve never tried before and it’s clear that I am very excited about that! The owner of the shop also added something extra to our order to apologize for what went wrong, and that being a hazelnut chocolate bar, everything was perfect again 😉

In this post I’ll be sharing with you my opinions on the products we ordered. We placed a rather small order to try this system out, and now that we know how it all works, we’ll certainly be ordering more stuff soon. This is a great system to be able to try out new and more “special” vegan products and not having to run around the whole city and cross through tons of supermarkets and special stores to find the products you need. Another discovery that makes the vegan life just that little more easy and simply amazing 🙂

If you live in Ghent, or a little bit further (I think there’s also a possibility for deliveries but I’m not sure) you should really check their website out some time. You can find everything you need to know on vedge.be or on their Facebook page

So here’s what we bought to try out:

  • Vantastic Foods “Salmon filet”This is the first fish substitute I’ve tried out since I stopped eating fish and meat (almost one year ago). Therefore I was extra excited about it! The funny thing is, I didn’t like salmon at all before (apart from smoked salmon), so I really had no idea wat to expect. Another funny thing, it turned out I like this vegan version waaaay better than real salmon 😉 The texture is a bit more chewy than real fish, and I wouldn’t have mind a little bit more flavor in it, but apart from that I really liked it. I think this vegan salmon is a great substitute for fish and it made me very curious to try out more fish substitutes. If  you want to try this out yourself, I suggest to prepare it “en papillot”. If you’re not familiar with this term; it means that you put the salmon together with some vegetables in tinfoil and prepare it in the oven like that. At Vedge they told me the salmon was the best when prepared in that way, so that’s what I did. Of course I’ve written it all down for you guys, you can find my recipe for “salmon en papillot” over here.



  • Wheaty chorizo sausageMy boyfriend is kind of addicted to chorizo sausage. Sadly enough, something went wrong in our order and we got other sausages from the same brand. My boyfriend was a bit devastated, because he had been looking forward to his chorizo for weeks (that poor thing 😉 ). To be honest, at first I wasn’t really fond of these kind of sausages, they’re a bit too hard and chewy for my liking. I’d rather prefer softer sausages, like hotdogs, but sadly enough I haven’t found vegan hotdogs here in Belgium yet, only vegetarian. I decided to still give these sausages another try and used them in the scrambled tofu I was planning to make for lunch last Friday. They turned out to be very tasty like that! I still had to pass by the bioshop for some new chorizo to make my boyfriend stop pouting, but at least these sausages didn’t go to waste 😉 Have you ever tried scrambled tofu before? I’ve never been fond of tofu, but since I went vegan a whole new tofu world opened up for me. I had no idea that it’s such an allround product! I will definitely post a recipe for scrambled tofu on here soon!16735737_10206480084721308_662493464_o


  • Simply-V spread herbs

    Vegan herb cheese!!! I’ve been looking forward to try this out for a very excited period of time! I was so curious about this, as I was quite a herb cheese lover before I went vegan. I’ve read a lot of negative things about vegan cream cheese already. A lot of people don’t like the texture, etc. I must say, this herb cheese from Simply V really is THE BOMB! 😉 Because of reading all those negative stories, I was expecting this one to have a weird texture that came no where close to cream cheese, but it turned out to feel and taste almost exactly the same! The texture of this herb cheese is literally the same as the one from Philadelphia cream cheese I always used to eat. I would’ve liked just a little more herbs in it for my liking, as I mostly tasted garlic and pretty much nothing else. But I think, once you put this on a sandwich or in a wrap and I can finally enjoy my beloved herb cheese again… I will be over the moon and will have nothing to complain about anymore 😉 So to all the herb cheese lovers out there, who haven’t discovered this brand yet: you simply must!! At Vedge they also sell three other varieties of this brand (including plain cream cheese), so I’ll definitely be trying out more of this soon!16731068_10206480084761309_28906462_n


  • Vantastic Foods Grattugiato (Parmesan cheese)Were you such a parmesan lover as I was in a far far away non-vegan past? 😉 Then I think this vegan parmesan will make you a very happy human being! My experience? It literally BLEW MY MIND! When I was about to try this parmesan cheese out, I was expecting something that would look and taste a bit like real parmesan, but wouldn’t really be as tasty and cheesy. Well… I was so wrong! Fantastic Foods strikes again with this magnificent product, the resemblance is just crazy. I cannot explain it more than this, so I just say: grab yourself one of these and cheese your life up! So delicious! (More about using this cheese soon.)



  • Vegourmet Jerky Texas BBQMy boyfriend has lived in South Africa for a while when he was a kid, and apparently he used to eat a lot of jerky’s over there back then. When he discovered these vegan jerky’s in the Vedge webshop, he got all excited, which was adorable! I had no idea what to expect from this, as I had never eaten a jerky before. It didn’t really attract me and therefore I didn’t order one for myself, but when he opened it to try it, and started telling me how good it was, I couldn’t help but instantly wanting to know what he was so excited about. So I took a bite… And damn! This is so tasty! 🙂 As I said before, I’ve never eaten a jerky in my life, so I cannot really compare it to the real jerky meat, but this vegan kind has a soft, chewy texture and is covered with a sweet  and spicy honey-like layer. It’s so good! So if you like a “meaty” snack, you should really try this out when you get the chance. (And take a picture when you get the chance… Which I didn’t… It was just too good 😉 )


  • iChoc almond orangeChocolate, chocolate, chocolate.
    There just can never be enough chocolate! Do you agree? Well then you should really give this almond & orange chocolate from iChoc a try! We first discovered this brand in Berlin, and this one has become by far our favorite vegan chocolate! This very fine chocolate is filled with subtile chunks of almond and orange, and you just can’t stop eating from it. There’s only one thing I would like to change about it… Make the chocolate bar three times thicker! 😉 iChoc is completely vegan, so you can go loose on every single one of their chocolate bars. We’ve tried out some of their others too, but this one stays our winner!16735224_10206480084561304_1298540661_o


  • Soyatoo rice-whipped creamVegan whipped cream… Can this vegan life get any better? It was the first time we tried it and it was so good! But one thing has to be said, the use of it is not so easy as it looks. We were so enthusiastic about this whipped cream,  we instantly tried it out and really liked it. After that I just put it in the fridge without taking a further look at the bottle. Later that evening, we put some of the whipped cream on the lime pie that I made last week. Everything still went fine by this point. The next day, we made chocolate milk and had some more pie. I started to notice that the cream didn’t come out of the bottle so easily anymore. Less and less came out until eventually nothing came out anymore. It felt like there was no pressure in the bottle anymore. I was gutted, because I thought the bottle was broken already and there was still more than half of the cream in it. Then, smart-asses as we are, we started reading the instructions on the bottle, and it turned out that when you put the cream in the fridge you have to put the bottle upside down and you also have to take it out of the fridge at least fifteen minutes before using it… Not so handy, in my opinion, but once you know this, the problem is kind of solved of course. I think next time I’m just going to buy liquid cream and whip it myself, to see how that works out. Apart from the “using-it-right” adventure, this whipped cream is a great substitute and it has a very nice taste. If you don’t want to use soy too much, then you will also be able to find a rice version, or you can make your own whipped cream with condensed coconut milk (definitely more about that in the future!)16734916_10206480084601305_1059038016_o.

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