Hotspot: MiE ViE Sandwichbar (Ghent)

One of my first biggest “frustrations” when I went vegan, was the fact that there were hardly no places to find in the city where I could easily buy a sandwich to take to class or have for lunch. Before, we used to go to the “mainstream” sandwichbars a lot, because as a vegetarian you still have quite some options these days. It struck me that, as a vegan, there’s hardly anything possible in these big sandwichbar chains. So, about three weeks ago, I said to my boyfriend: “Damn, I really wish a vegan sandwichbar would open in the city. That would be so amazing!” And guess what? Two weeks later I read on Facebook that a vegan sandwichbar had opened its doors in Ghent! I was so happy!

So far, there was only a vegan sandwichbar in Leuven (another typical students city in Flanders), but now I can proudly say we also have one in Ghent. MiE ViE is a cute little place hidden in a very rustic small street in Ghent. It’s very close to the “Vrijdagsmarkt”, right in the middle of the city. The owner, called Mie, is a very sweet woman who’s a dietician, and she had been thinking about opening her own business for six (or eight?) years. I’m so glad she finally took the plunge and just did it! One of the things I’ve missed a little as a vegan are the typical Flemish pastries we usually have on Sunday for breakfast. I work in a supermarket on Sunday mornings, and when we finish at noon we’re always allowed to take home the leftovers from the bakery section. My parents always ask me to bring some pastries, and though I didn’t eat them that much before I went vegan, I do miss them sometimes. My boyfriend’s favorite were the (probably well known and a little less Flemish) croissants, and he had been looking for vegan ones for quite a while already. Therefore we were so happy to find out that Mie also serves three kinds of pastries in her lunchbar, including the beloved croissants! I tell you, this vegan life keeps on getting better and better!

Apart from sandwiches and pastries, Mie also serves a couple of muffins and brownies, two breakfast bowls, soup of the day, salads, coffee and tea and a lot of juices and natural sodas. We both tried the tartino sandwich (which is a vegan version of the typical Flemish ‘martino’) and each had a pastry, and I must say it was very tasty! I was very pleased with her service, as we asked for a pastry during lunchtime, when normally she only serves them for breakfast. She didn’t even mention it, just told me that she still had some in the freezer and would put them in the oven for us immediately. I only noticed later that there was a time limit set on the breakfast options, and I found it very kind of her that she didn’t make a point of that and just wanted to please us.

MiE ViE has only been open for two weeks, and everything is still falling into place. As she’s running the business all on her own, I think it’s quite normal that the menu is not that big. I hope that maybe in the future there will be a slightly bigger choice in sandwiches, but I’m sure that will come once her business starts growing. I’m already very happy that we can finally go have a nice sandwich for lunch again. Of course the prices are a little higher than in other sandwichbars, but I gladly pay a little more for having a great, cruelty free lunch. The price for not having to feel guilty over what I eat is one I am willing to pay with a smile on my face 😉

So, one story short, if you live in Ghent, or if you plan to visit Ghent one day, certainly pass by MiE ViE to enjoy lovely vegan sandwiches and other delicious things for breakfast or lunch. And certainly don’t forget to take a muffin on the go, because you will regret not having tried those, I can assure you that!

You can find everything you need to know about MiE ViE on her website, or Facebook page.  Apart from making you happy with great vegan food, you can also ask Mie for diet advice and opinions. She will gladly answer all your questions and make sure you have a great time at her place.

Let me know what you think of this cute brand new hotspot. Spread the word. But most important: Enjoy!

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  1. Gent telt heel wat leuke hotspots. Dat mocht ik onlangs nogmaals ontdekken tijdens een culinaire wandeling in Gent met een groep vrienden. Zeker eens doen! Het is een unieke ervaring.


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