First vegan breakfast: healthy banana-pancakes and fruit salad.

Here it is. 2017 has arrived and that calls for some changes. From today on, we will start to live a vegan lifestyle. We’ve been planning up to this for a while now, saying goodbye to things we “really liked to eat”. Yesterday, on New Year’s Eve, we celebrated with all the non-vegan things we wanted to eat for one last time. And I have to say, it felt good. Even though I might miss some of the things in the beginning, I’m so sure that I will never regret never eating them again, because it will feel so much better to know you’re not hurting any animals with the products you consume. From today on, there won’t be any diary products in our fridge anymore. That’s our biggest challenge for now, but I’m really enjoying it already. The plan is to eliminate more and more stuff through the months (for example we’ll still have some honey left, etc.) but the plan is to be living completely vegan by the end of this year. I honestly don’t think it will even take that long… I feel like it will just happen in a natural way.

So, to celebrate the first post on this blog and the start of 2017, I made a healthy New Year’s breakfast this morning. In my opinion, there can’t be enough fruit on my plate all day long. But of course, on a special day like this one, there must be an extra treat. Aren’t pancakes the best thing you can go with then?

I used the recipe for banana pancakes from one of my favourite vegan blogs: De Groene Meisjes. I fluffed it up a bit by adding a pure orange sauce instead of the orange-blueberry one they made. You can check their recipe out over here.

I can assure you that after eating this breakfast, you’ll feel like you can handle the whole world! 😉

Edit (7 May 2017): In the meantime these pancakes have become one of our favorite breakfasts! Even my mum asks me to make them all the time 😉 Yesterday I made them again and touched it all up with some delicious summer fruits! I’ve added some extra pictures below. Enjoy!
Ohh and also, who was I kidding with saying we would be fully vegan at the end of the year… We’re already fully vegan for four months! And we couldn’t imagine it any different anymore…<3

  • What do you need? (4 pancakes + sauce + fruit salad)
    – 1 banana (ready to eat)
    – 90g oatmeal flour (blend oatmeal in a blender for a few seconds, very easy!)
    – 250ml plant-based milk (I used almond milk, but you can also use any other kind you have or like)
    Half a teaspoon of baking powder
    – Coconut oil, or another vegetable oil, to bake the pancakes
    Juice of two pressed oranges
    – Some maple syrup or sugar
    – 1 apple
    – 1 banana
    – 1 mandarin
    – 1 mango
    – half a lemon
    – half an orange
    of course you can change or add any kind of fruit you want
  • How do you make it?
    – For the fruit salad: undo all the fruit of its peel, cut it into pieces and put it in a bowl. Add some lemon and/or orange juice to prevent the apple and banana from getting a brown colour. Put the salad in the fridge while you start on the pancakes.

    – For the pancakes: first you mash the banana with a fork, then you add the flour, milk and baking powder and you mix it until it becomes a rather liquid dough. If you find the dough too liquid, just let it rest for a couple minutes. The oatmeal will start to absorb the milk, and it will instantly become a thicker mass. Now you can start baking the pancakes.

    – For the sauce: just put the orange juice in a little saucepan and add some maple syrup to your own taste. Warm it up, while stirring. If it stays too liquid, just add some cornflower and let it boil for a while until it gets thicker. Put the pancakes on a plate, pour some of the orange sauce over it, and put the fruit salad on top or on the side. (I found some frozen raspberries in my freezer and used them to finish off the stack of pancakes.) ENJOY!


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